Great technology, awesome product, analysts love it, sales suck.

In todays technology driven world this appears to be a rapidly increasing problem.

When engaging quite a broad spectrum of clients or just talking to somebody at an event the response to the question :

“Tell me what you can do for me?” is readily answered with statements quoted directly from a product specifications sheet in their hand.

While ‘we provide SDN capable equipment that can dynamically apply QoS profiles to your network by application” is pretty informative for the technical or heart, for the majority of prospects this type of response really doesn’t get to the WIIFM (What’s in it for me).

Has Cloud's Silver Lining Gone?

IS Cloud dead? Gartner says not, then why are so many mid-size Cloud service providers floundering?

Gartners February 2013 ‘cloud’ release they predicted the worldwide public cloud to exceed $131 billion with IaaS growing at over 42% and for 2014 Gartner now predicts global IT spending to exceed $3.8 trillion with $963 billion in IT Services.

These are HUGE numbers!

So the question is why are so many CLOUD and MANAGED SERVICES PROVIDERS not experiencing this kind of growth?


Finding the balance between revenue generation, strategy and execution

Balancing the need to get revenue in the door vs planning for the future is a challenge for all businesses large and small.

It’s like chicken and the egg - but which comes first ?

The reality of the matter is that without revenue there isn’t a business and without a solid go-to-market plan to execute against sales will be lack-luster.

So what do you do in this situation?