Strategy Creation and Implementation
Translating vision into revenue.

Many companies are faced with uncertain future prospects and complex business environments that are constantly evolving. In the technology industry, this is especially true.

Opportunities and threats abound in macro- and micro-economic trends that, when analyzed and interpreted correctly, can create compelling, powerful and responsive strategies.

Strong leadership, smart growth, innovation and agility continue to be important success factors in a volatile global environment.

MyPropHead helps executives to identify and assess possibilities, building the strategies with the best likelihood of delivering sustainable value.

MyPropHead provides a range of strategic planning services and capabilities that helps companies develop long-term, scenario-based plans that translates vision into revenue and helps accelerate their transformation into high-performance businesses.

OurPropHeads are dynamic and experienced enough to work cross funtionally to create a strategy for the business as a whole or address a single focussed area.

Whether a company is taking a new product to market, or implementing a long term marketing plan, a “go-to-market (GTM) strategy” defines how they will be reaching into the marketplace. A successful GTM needs to bring together the commercial functions of a business – marketing, sales, product management, brand management and pricing.

It is critical for functions to be aligned and integrated to meet the needs of customers and financial objectives while working within the company’s business model. Using quantifiable methods to measure success, and having a clear understanding of accountability will ensure a well-executed strategy.

The challenge is keeping the GTM operationally viable and manageable, yet cost effective.

MyPropHead’s GTM framework was developed using best practices gleaned from years of practical experience. Previous multiple engagements help to ensure the ability to apply this framework to many different sized and challenged organizations.

MyPropHead can also work on creating and executing very specific parts of the GTM. Either way, MyPropHead’s goal is to great long-term sustainability for its clients.

Business Reinvention
Too often a business reaches status quo, where revenue, product innovation and customer acquisition become stale. Yet, the company’s leadership and investors recognizes the potential of the business, and are not ready to transact the firm out of its malaise. This is when MyPropHead comes in and develops a detailed, sustainable and holistic plan, taking into account all affected functions. MyPropHead has the ability to also perform “surgical strikes” to create individual functional plans based on the specific needs of a client.

Content Strategy
A content strategy is something that even the smallest of companies should have. It starts with the acceptance that we now live in an instant information world. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the web and social media are always accessible. Traditional marketers need to understand that with this paradigm shift of always on, always available information, we can no longer think that the typical outbound marketing programs will work. A consistent stream of content, within context needs to be created. Beyond that, the content needs to be mapped to all the different buying personas that are involved in the decision making process. Further, it needs to address what is top of mind to customers and prospects, and be in a medium they want to consume the information in.

MyPropHead can help create the content strategy, and then based on the resources available, develop the content marketing plan. A good plan will include many of the following: articles, blogs, social media, newsletters, case studies, events, videos, white papers and webinars. MyPropHead can also help to transform business leaders or other employees into external thought leaders who can contribute content regularly.

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