Investor Services

As an investor, identifying and evaluating perspective investments in the technology industry can be a complex an arduous process embroiled in a constantly changing landscape of industry specific jargon, buzz-words and acronyms. MyPropHead can provide diligence evaluation services on potential investments around product capabilities, go-to-market strategy and business practices enabling investors to make a more informed decision.

In addition, MyPropHead can provide advisor services to existing technology portfolio investments to help accelerate the business.

As a business owner or CEO, a great product offering or technical idea is just on piece of a complex puzzle that is success - potential investors know this. MyPropHead provides the strategic services needed to evaluate, recommend and deliver an integrated business strategy that forms a solid base to operate from before commencing to socialize the business for investment purposes.

In addition when it is time to ‘get on the road’ for fundraising, MyPropHead can co-ordinate and assist with prospectus development complete with supporting materials to ensure the business is putting the right foot forward to maximize interest.