Sales Enablement Bundles
Simplified sales and channel training solutions for rapid activation

Educating sales and channel partners on new service offerings is always a challenge. In many cases the skill-sets vary so significantly from one audience member to another making it increasingly difficult for the trainer to keep everyone engaged. The end result tends to be training/education session that focus on feature capabilities on not on the basics of how it works and the benefits to the end customer.

Just presenting on the product and it's capabilities doesn't mean they'll be able to sell it.

When creating sales enablement sessions OurPropHeads focus follow a unique process to create compelling material, workshops and interactive sessions that cover the basics of the technology right through the customer benefits of the offer using multiple communications methods that maximize material retention.

From cloud to hosting, communications and managed services MyPropHead has the skills and experience to effectively educate at all levels.

With decades of international experience speaking to audiences of varying sizes, delivering training and engaging customers directly around the world OurPropHeads are uniquely skilled at developing stories and presenting customized complex solutions to mixed audiences in a way that resonates and keeps the majority engaged.

By getting to the root of the end-customers needs MyPropHead ensures that all audience members have a solid grounding in both the technology, the product or service offered, how it is different from the competition and what the benefits are at a departmental/functional level for the end-user as well as being able to identify good and and fit opportunities.

Sales & Channel Enablement Packages

Cloud/Hosting/Managed Services Sales Enablement – Day 1
Ideally suited for datacenter and telecom clients that are in the process of adopting hosting, cloud or other managed services and need to get up to speed fast. The session will include and introduction to the technology, lingo, what’s in it for their customers, how to position, questions to ask, qualification and working session. Attendees leaving this session will now be positioned to converse confidently with clients around the new service offerings shortening the sales cycle, reducing the overhead on in-house SMEs.
  • Single client / customer
  • Onsite at customers location
  • Max 10 seats
  • Customized material (client to provide background on product, offerings, positioning and technologies 3 weeks prior to session)
  • $3,000 + T&E (Continental USA, International on request)
Cloud/Hosting/Managed Services Sales Enablement – Day 2
Day 2 takes it a step further, by introducing design into the equation as well addressing issues such as competitive positioning, pricing strategy and bundling. This is ideally suited for sales and marketers as well as sales engineers. Starting out with jumping in at the deep-end having been set a project to be completed the night before (as individuals or pre-selected groups), attendees will present their ‘solutions’ to the team and take questions / receive guidance. Followed by more in-depth education around the gaps that were noticed. The afternoon session is flexible and can be used to get deeper into the services to be sold or re-purposed, review existing opportunities / clients and see who’s a good fit while the MPH SME is present, or it can be used for a more marketing focused planning and positioning session.
  • Single client / customer
  • Onsite at customers location
  • Max 10 seats
  • Customized material
  • Flexible Day 2 , Part 2 Schedule
  • Day 1 & 2 combined $5,000 + T&E (Continental USA, International on request)

Multi-Client Cloud/Hosting/Managed Services Sales Enablement Day 1&2
Ideally suited to channel style engagements where the client wishes to provide a session to multiple partners and pass-through the cost of the session.MPH offers an adapted sales enablement course on a per seat basis vs flat fee. MPH evaluates the attendees by executing a pre-session questionnaire, examining their service offerings and adapting the training to best address this varied audience and their unique businesses.
  • Multi customer (customers of MPH client)
  • Minimum 12 seats
  • Adapted material
  • Scenario based Day 2 / Part 2 working session
  • $550 / seat ($6,600 retainer) + T&E (Continental USA, International on request)