Product Management
Balancing time to market with revenue needs and market readiness

Bringing a product to market with all the commercial requirements, features, operational processes and correct positioning at the “right time,” is a challenge for most companies.

For technology firms, the right time is quite a complex equation. It needs to take into account internal and external forces. Internally, it is about balancing features and expense, and the opportunity cost of capital. Externally, it includes understanding the competitive landscape, technology trends and investor tolerance.

MyPropHead can keep the equation simple to ensure the window of market opportunity is met and revenue is maximized.

By evaluating market requirements and the current development state, MyPropHead will develop a product roadmap that takes into consideration customer needs, sales readiness, competition and buying cycles. Combining a well developed roadmap with a long-term pricing strategy, will accelerate time to market as well as prolong a product’s life cycle. This approach allows for iterative releases that add new features to keep the product fresh and ahead of the competition with the added benefit of pricing stability.

Product Roadmap Development
Most technologists see a product roadmap as being a list of technical capabilities and features with delivery dates. However, this approach does not take into consideration the impact of market forces such as competition, buying cycles or customer desire - often times leading to escalating costs with little revenue flow.

When developing a product roadmap MyPropHead analyzes the feature functionality and market forces mapped to a timeline combined with a pricing strategy that delivers the greatest benefit to the business with the highest probability of revenue success.

Product Acceleration
When product development stalls, the competition is catching up, the window to launch is closing and the pressure to launch increases. The alternative, launching when the product is not ready, is not better.

Launching an incomplete product is risky at best and will leave a bad impression with both customers and sales, and will give the competition ammunition.

MyPropHead helps accelerate product development by making the tough choices others may not have the expertise to make, balancing market need with business resources.

With the ability to bridge the gap between technology and customer need as well as in the organization itself, MyPropHead will identify roadblocks, stress points and areas of contention, then develop a plan and recommend adjustments to bring the launch closer, generating revenue sooner.

Product Pricing
MyProHead believes that a smart long term pricing strategy becomes a very powerful sales tool when it is aligned to the product roadmap,margin requirements and marketing plans especially when well trained sales teams are empowered with feature bundles that help reduce discounting practices.

Product Launch / Re-launch
Nothing is quite as disappointing for a business as launching a new product and not seeing pipeline and sales materialize.

MyPropHead understands how to launch products. With years of product management experience, MyPropHead will work with its clients to create a detailed, tangible plan that will ensure a commercially viable product is brought to market and gains traction quickly.

OurPropHeads will facilitate everything from Operational Readiness Testing (ORT) to complete sales enablement including collateral development assistance, sales training, channel education and coaching.

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