Presentation Services
Delivering compelling presentations for the greatest impact

After successfully securing a speaking slot at a major conference, or deciding to move forward with a customer event or webinar series the challenge is how to get the audience to attend the session and be engaged throughout..

Just putting together a stack of 'product feature slides' is not the answer.

The development of a compelling presentation needs to take into consideration many factors including the audience, time of day, medium, audience value, marketing scenarios and even the presenters style and comfort with the subject matter.

MyPropHead works with clients to address all these factors and more to ensure the presentation scenario has the greatest positive impact with the audience as possible by communicating compelling messages that establish the presenter as a interesting, engaging subject matter expert in the chosen arena.

In the event the client doesn't have a
speaker or the speak is uncomfortable MyPropHead can provide one (branded as the clients).

Presentation Services Package
Starting at $2,700 for the development of an Internal (private) or external (public) speaking engagement on a topic of your choice tailored accordingly for time, audience and positioning typically includes :

  • 1 day presentation story board preparation -Development of presentation theme and outline with key contributors
  • Content Preparation - Creation of content around agreed theme, recommend angles, key messages and speaker notes.
  • Content reviews - Conference calls to review material and direction. Identification of of key call-outs, facts and need for embedded speaker hints.
  • Dry-Runs - Review sessions with MyPropHead and small client audience to identify areas of adjustment and reduce 'waffle moments'
  • Finalization - Recorded session on-site or remote with a broader audience of the clients choosing.

MyPropHead understands each presentation service scenario is different and that the client may need additional time, resources and support therefore MyPropHead adapts to each engagement by:
  • Developing major and minor themes
  • Adjusting for webinar or roadshow series
  • Identifying re-usable story-lines
  • Ensuring consistency of messaging
  • Enhancing presenter comfort
  • Facilitating coaching & additional review sessions
  • Providing MyPropHead speaker/presenter/panel member