Strategic Plan Review
Validating go-to-market strategy and plan

Many businesses and departments develop their go-to-market strategic plans in isolation. Typically the approach that is taken revolves around identifying past successes (what worked) and failures (what didn't) and sticking with the tried and true.

Just doing what you did last year and cutting corners doesn't guarantee success.

This approach may be fast, attain rapid buy-in cross functionally and with the board however it doesn't take into consideration changes in the market, buying practices, competition or provide learnings from past failures. In reality what worked last year may not, what didn't could've just been too early or just need adaptation.

This is where an outsider to the business can ask the difficult questions and provide insight to ensure not only is the plan validated, but takes into consideration dynamics a closed user group probably didn't identify.

MyPropHead works with clients to review their strategic plans providing and outside-in approach to identify changes in market dynamics creating a go-to-market strategy that has a solid foundation mapped to timelines, revenue targets, goals and measurement criteria interlocked across the business.

GTM Strategy Review and Creation Services Packages
1/2 Day GTM review session (Starting at $2,200)

Half a day may not seem like a lot of time, however when working to a deadline in a closed environment with a focussed group enables the client to validate their plan with a 3rd party before submitting it to the business, executive or board - with quality output that can be easily understood and is implementable.
  • Initial interactive review of executive/departmental high level strategy and plan - typically in presentation format, 2 hours or less
  • Identify areas of adjustment - ask probing questions, find repetitive scenarios, prove out the plan
  • Recommend alternate angles - refine approach, assist with qualification and ad-hoc research
  • Second review of completed draft (time permitting)

1 Day GTM draft creation and review session (Starting at $3,200)

During a one day engagement with a committed team, MyProphead orchestrates a session to review and create a viable, differentiated departmental or executive plan with a solid foundation.
  • 1/2 day session plus hands-on assistance
  • 2nd level review - deeper review into planning approach and reference material
  • Refine content - provide assistance in refining strategic plan for appropriate audiences (exec, other departments)

2 Day Bottom-up GTM cross-functional development and review session (Starting at $4,700)

Over the course of two days, MyPropHead will drive the solidification of a plan, assist in the alignment with sales targets and provide recommended steps to actively implementing it.
  • 1 day session starting with in-depth assistance in plan creation
  • Market identification review & research - review past results, market dynamics, opportunities
  • Sales inter-lock assistance - Align sales expectations with go-to-market plan
  • Draft plan development - deeper review into planning approach and reference material
  • Sales enablement recommendations - provide recommended approaches to sales enablement for new services
  • Messaging - develop high level messaging angles
  • Second review of completed draft (time permitting)

Additional Services
MyPropHead understands each engagement is different at the extent of the plans maturity will vary therefore the client may need additional time, resources and support therefore MyPropHead adapts to each engagement by:

  • Acting as an extension to the clients teams
  • Providing research and market viability assistance
  • Developing messaging, positioning, sales and marketing approaches
  • Assisting with the process of aligning plans across the business
  • Presenting or supporting the presentation of the plan at an executive or board level
  • Managing the implementation of the plan across a department or business as a whole
  • Providing additional review sessions on-site and/or remote