Sales Enablement
Accelerating sales through knowledge and focus

Empowering sales with the right balance of product, technology and marketing knowledge is a delicate exercise that typical leads to confusion and lack of focus. MyPropHead understands how to not only create the relevant tools and materials but also how to effectively train the sales force.

For many organizations in the technology industry sales training tends to focus on either the technology itself or the feature functionality differentiators with little regard for the knowledge base of the customer or the sales individuals.

MyPropHead develops all encompassing sales enablement packages that deliver a broad selection of tools to ensure the sales teams (or channel parters) have the right ammunition for each sales engagement.

MyPropHead consultants, OurPropHeads, are results-oriented, technologically astute, commercially aware business minded executives capable of rapidly understanding a clients offerings to drive the development of quality internal and external sales enablement tools based on the target segments, knowledge base and the end clients awareness. In addition MyPropHead can also develop and deliver customized structured sales education programs for a clients products that accelerate funnel and shorten sales cycles.