Marketing Consultancy
Strategists and tacticians when you need them.

CEO’s contact MyPropHead when they have a vision for where to take their company, but are frustrated with the rate of progress towards their objective.

In marketing organizations, MyPropHead can cost-effectively fill the marketing leadership void by working as a fractional/part-time or interim/transitional CMO, or via project based engagements. We work as a part-time addition to the leadership team focusing on developing this vision into a market based, balanced, practical plan.

Once companies create a product portfolio, whether it is a portfolio of one or many products, revenue needs to be generated immediately to support corporate financial objectives. Getting early wins is key, and is dependent on the creation of a detailed marketing plan.

This plan should be executed prior to the product’s general availability (GA) in order to build awareness and interest to get those early wins. What makes the product better, faster or cheaper than a competitors? Does the product address an unknown need, or does it create efficiencies within the business to drive improved bottom line results? Value based messaging begins with understanding the value of the product or service, what it actually means to a customer, and then being able to articulate it into an understandable value proposition.

MyPropHead can provide the leadership and experience required to create the marketing strategy and plan, based on segmentation analysis, competitive and environmental evaluation (differentiation) with value based messaging.

Many businesses take the volume based approach to marketing and do broad spectrum programs without specifically identifying best fit customers through segmentation. Performing a segmentation analysis of markets, opportunities and buying personas will create clarity in positioning and more relevance in offerings for the customer. In some cases the same product can be repositioned to be made more specific to a segment. In others, it facilitates focus ensuring the business is not trying to be all things, to all people. Effective segmentation inevitability leads to nearly 1:1 marketing programs, which by nature will yield higher conversion rates than 1:many programs that often deliver lower ROI, due to lower effectiveness.

The danger of focusing on technological features by themselves, is that it doesn’t help to answer the critical question of “What value does this product deliver?” MyPropHead recognizes technology as an enabler that delivers tangible value to a business. By having a clear understanding of the technology and the segments clients want to target, MyPropHead will answer how the client’s product is relevant by doing something better, faster or cheaper than before. It can also help to define a new need that wasn’t being addressed before. In the end, differentiation is about creating efficiencies that will improve a business’s bottom line, delivering clear value.

Once the value of a product or solution is understood, messaging needs to be created for all the different buying personas involved in the decision making process. This messaging needs to be carried through in all external facing materials including: marketing campaigns, collateral, web content, social media and traditional media. Addressing the needs and interests of all the personas will help reduce overall sales cycle times, leading to faster sales revenue attainment.

Marketing Plan
OurPropHeads work with clients to develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans that will include detailed multi-touch campaigns and programs designed to generate awareness and leads, integrating key findings from segmentation analysis, differentiation studies and using value based messaging by buying personas. Depending on the needs of our clients, we can create short term and long term plans, or help to re-think existing plans because of poor results, changes in the market or budget.

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